Travel Bag Essentials

Travel Bag Photo

Since I received a lot of positive feedback on the Work Bag Essentials post, I thought I would share what I like to take while traveling. The items I keep in my travel bag depend on how long or short the trip will be. If it’s a long trip, I’ll carry my purse and a carry-on bag. If it’s a short trip, I’ll just use a nice sized tote as a carry all. Everyone has different needs, so here are the items that I like to keep in my travel bag:

Beats Solo3Headphones

There’s no question that headphones are a must have! If there’s a long trip ahead, you’ll be glad you have headphones to tune out the world. The Beats Solo3 headphones are perfect for noise cancellation. If I’m not listening to music, I’ll switch it up and catch up on my favorite podcasts.


I never go on trips without taking my Kindle.  I have the Kindle Fire HD 8, and it’s perfect for travel. I may take my Macbook on trips, but only if necessary. The lighter I can keep my bags, the better! I mainly use my kindle for reading purposes, because it’s easier to read in places that have little to no lighting.

61ap6A1UysL._UX385_Emergency Kit

My emergency kit is a small pouch that I use to store items such as hand sanitizer, lotion, aspirins, etc. For me, I like to keep a small package of tissues and allergy medicine, because my allergies are unpredictable!


The camera I use is the Canon EOS T3i. If I have limited space in my bag, then I’ll use a smaller camera. I’ve had this camera since I first started blogging, and it still works great! I believe this specific camera has been discontinued, but I would recommend Canon cameras to anyone who is new to DSLR Cameras.

Black Fur SlidesShoes

Getting through TSA can be a hassle! So, I like to wear sandals or flat shoes that are easy to take on and off. The Fur Slides from Luxure Boutique are perfect for traveling, because they are so comfortable and fit easily in any bag.

31Xhl+ML1yL._AC_UL320_SR320,320_Portable Charger

Now, if you read my Work Bag Essentials post, then you know that I cannot go anywhere without my charger. I love this Anker Powercore 10000 power bank, because it is literally the size of a credit card so fits easily in your pocket or bag. From my travel experiences, most larger airports have charging stations conveniently located throughout the terminals, but some smaller airports do not. If you have a long lay over or long travel time, you’ll be glad you have this.

Chewy BarSnacks

We all know that airport food is overpriced. So I like to take a few snacks that I know will clear TSA. The only thing I may purchase in airports is a drink.

Makeup BagMakeup Bag

Very important! I keep the same makeup products in my travel bag that I mentioned in my Work Bag Essentials post.

Travel Pillow

Travel PillowI wasn’t a fan of Neck pillows at first, because I didn’t find them to be comfortable on flights. However, I love the BCOZZY Travel Pillow, because it provides neck and chin support.


Last but not least! Identification is the most important item in my bag. I love the ACDream Passport Holder. It allows me to keep all of the cards I need.


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