March Goals: Get Organized

March Goals

Have you ever realized how easy it is to unnoticeably start a collection of items that have expired and should have been thrown out days or even weeks ago. As we continue our 12 months of self care, can we get organized this month? The goal this month is to make an effort to declutter our lives of anything that is no longer of use.

Purge Your Home

Yes, it’s time for the “annual purge”. How many times have you looked through your home only to notice items that have an expiration date that has passed months ago? Whether its food or even makeup. It’s easy to become so busy with our everyday routine that we neglect to throw away items that we no longer use.

Digitize Paper Documents

Every day we receive new mail or documents from work which quickly accumulate in our homes if we don’t take the time to organize them. If you’re like me, I hate the sight of piles of paper that remain in existence until I have the time to sort through them later.

One trick I use to eliminate this problem is to scan all my paper documents and store them on my Macbook or work computer. Many people do not have a scanner at home, and that’s okay. Thankfully we live in the technology ere so everything can be easily done with the use of a smartphone.

Tip: I use an app called ‘Tiny Scanner’ (available on the Apple Store and Google Play) that allows you to scan any document just by taking a picture with your smartphone camera. If you haven’t used this app before, try it out and thank me later!

Donate Clothes

I know this may be tough, because I will admit that my guilty pleasure are shoes. I have so many pairs of shoes that haven’t been worn in over a year, and probably won’t be worn again. Whether it’s shoes, clothes, or even bridesmaid dresses from a friend’s wedding we all have clothes we’re holding on to. Instead of disposing of these clothes, try selling or donating them to those who may need them.

Happy March!


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