5 Productive Habits To Start the Week

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If you consider Sunday as your day to relax before a demanding work week, then you’re not alone. Yes, there’s work to be done, but no need to rush out of the bed. Sleep in and have a good breakfast. Your body will thank you for it. Now that you’ve rested, why not make life a lot easier by developing simple habits to get ahead on tasks to prepare for the week. There are 5 habits you can develop that will help you have a better week.

Plan For The Week

What better way to prepare for a busy week, than to start planning ahead. One of the first things I do on Sunday is look through my planner to review what’s happening for the week. This allows me to make sure that I’ve completed any upcoming assignments and track my work schedule.

Also, I’ve found it useful to make a weekly “To-Do” list. The extra space in my planner is a good place to write down anything I want to accomplish or get done that week. You’ll begin to remember the tasks you tend to forget during the week when you’re busy such as running to the store, post office, etc. Or, you can ask yourself what can I do this week that will allow me to achieve my monthly goals.

Groceries/Meal Planning

I love to get any grocery shopping done on Sunday’s. You’ll rarely ever find me in a grocery store during the week unless it’s an absolute emergency. I’m not a fan of going to buy groceries during the week after work or class when I’m extremely exhausted.

Planning meals for the week will save you time and stress later. Any items that I need will be added to my grocery list. I’m still working on becoming a better meal prepper, so if you have any tips please share!


How To Prepare For The Week
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It’s a general good habit to begin each week with a clean house and clean laundry. Now this doesn’t mean you have to go into a full extensive cleaning of every room in the house, but instead you can straighten up the main areas. For example, the kitchen and bathrooms are usually common areas of focus. If you’ve gotten behind on laundry, Sunday’s are the perfect day to catch up.

Organize Paperwork

As you accumulate piles of mail every day, it’s likely you may put it aside for later. Sundays are a great opportunity to sort through all of this information. It’s best to develop the habit of regularly organizing this paperwork so that it saves you the time and stress later.

In addition, this is a good time to quickly track your expenses from the previous week for your monthly budget. If you are new to budgeting, check out my 3 Easy Steps To An Effective Budget.

Finally, Relax!

How To Prepare For The Week
Photo via Burst by Matthew Henry

Last but certainly not least, what else is better to do on Sundays than to relax! I look forward to this part of each week, because this is the time to rest and recharge for the what’s coming ahead. On top of everything you already have to do, make sure you take time to yourself. Read a good book or catch up on the favorite tv show that you love.

What do you like to do on Sundays to prepare for the week? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!


3 thoughts on “5 Productive Habits To Start the Week

  1. I need to learn to relax on Sundays! I always say I’m going to and then I end up overworking myself on things that could wait to do during the work week. I love these tips. Planning my week is something I’m obsessed with my laundry and meal planning are things I suck at too!

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      1. Yeah the times I’ve done it Successful it’s saved me the same exact thing. Problem I also have is once I’ve planned, not wanting to go out and buy things anyway! Smdh


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