10 Workbag Essentials

Workbag Essentials

If you’re a business woman, then you’re most likely always on the go. Every woman has a designated workbag to carry all of the items she may possibly need throughout the day. A workbag can be used for school, work, or even both. Depending on your preference, your workbag could be a backpack, suitcase, tote handbag, etc. Regardless of what type of bag it may be, I think we can all agree that it has to be large enough to carry your workbag essentials. To prevent clutter, I’ve come up with 10 workbag essentials that I keep in my bag at all times.

Tote Handbag: For me, I love to use a nice tote handbag as a workbag, because it can fit almost anything. You can purchase this tote from my online boutique Luxure Boutique. I love the large 3-n-1 “Jewel Top Tote“, because it has a sleek design and goes with almost any outfit.

Planner: The way my life is set up, I cannot survive without my planner and I take it with me everywhere. My planner helps me to stay organized with all of my demands each week.

Laptop: As a graduate student, I need my laptop with me for every class and meeting. I love this bag, because it can easily fit my laptop.

Wallet: Of course, a wallet is a necessity to have everyday that doesn’t need much detail.


Chargers: I used to throw my chargers into the bottom of my bag only to find them tangled later. Now, I’ll stash my chargers in a pouch which makes them easier to find  and makes life a lot easier. This pouch is included with the “Jewel Top Tote

Water bottle/Tumbler: I always try to stay hydrated throughout the day, so I always carry a water bottle in my bag, whether I’m going to work or class.


Notebook/Pens: Recently, I started using the Arc notebooks because of their versatility. I’m addicted to gold detail, so I bought the gold discs to use for this notebook. They are slightly bigger than the discs that originally came with the notebook which is good because I’ll be able to add more pages if needed.

Snacks: I’m always snacking throughout the day. I’ll keep granola bars, peanut butter crackers, or chips in my bag just in case I have a late lunch or long period in between meals.


Makeup bag: I like to keep a small makeup bag, because my face tends to get oily throughout the day or I may need to touch up my makeup to keep a fresh face. I use an Ipsy bag that I received a while back, and its the perfect size. I only keep necessities in my makeup bag such as lipstick, eye liner, etc.

Gum/Mints: Last but not least, gum is a must! You never know when you may need it.

What are your workbag essentials?


14 thoughts on “10 Workbag Essentials

  1. So much yes to the snacks! I remember when I was a girl, my mom would always keep healthy snacks in her purse for me, and now that I’m working I know why- it’s not something you think about until you need them!

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  2. All this is exactly what is on me 24/7 except my makeup bag. Once I’ve applied my makeup once, that’s it! Lol I love this post!

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  3. YES!!! This post is on POINT! I alway had a charger with me and when I started leaving it at home I always run out of charge, now I try my hardest to remember to bring it or always have 1 on my car! Also I have found that having a good/big enough bag to take your water with you is a HUGE help during the day to stay hydrated. I love my Dagne Dover!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jani from http://www.mylifeinmedicineblog.com

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