#MotivationalMonday: 5 Ways that Queens Uplift Queens

Empowered women, Empower women.

Strong women are easily detectable, because they’re usually the ones who are empowering and uplifting other women. These days it’s common to see a lot of girls competing and judging one another for various reasons. Girls who are overly critical of each other may be jealous or insecure. It’s time to make a change. Instead of competing with the next woman, show support and kindness.


There are many ways that we can build each other other up:

  1. Compliment other women.
  2. Stick up for one another
  3. Use your mind or success to inspire others
  4. Encourage or support other women
  5. Appreciate and value other women as we appreciate and value ourselves

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “#MotivationalMonday: 5 Ways that Queens Uplift Queens

  1. This is so sweet and very motivational. It’s these sort of things we all need to remind each other. To be strong and positive! To be helpful and useful of course sticking together, have each others’ backs! Hope you had a great Monday too!

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